Both importing and exporting goods naturally raise questions about how to deal with customs issues, as customs regulation can create significant challenges for your business.

Trading across borders can be a complex and costly activity. In order to maintain competitiveness, it is important to have an effective management of the costs of customs duties, etc.

Bachmann/Partners can help you through the entire process of cross-border trade – from the organisation of an import or export, through its implementation and completion. The advice should be part of the trading company's general risk management programme.

For example, we can provide specific advice on customs rules and procedures, including

  • Customs clearance

  • Determination of customs values

  • Application of free trade agreements, origin requirements and tariff preferences

  • Tariff quotas, tariff suspension and import ceiling arrangements

  • Anti-dumping duties

  • Tariff classification

  • Discharge of transit documents

  • Liability for customs duties

  • Repayment/refund of customs duties

  • Customs warehousing

  • Inward processing

  • Outward processing

  • End-Use

  • Application for the use of AEO authorisations

Our core services include strategic planning of customs and excise management for customs optimisation, including minimising errors; review of compliance with import and export trade conditions; internal controls and process improvements.

We also offer obtaining binding tariff classification information, audits and assessments, conducting cases before the National Tax Court and the courts, including the European Court of Justice.

Diana Møniche

| Advokat – Attorney-at-law, Partner

Diana Mønniche is partner at Bachmann/Partners Law Firm. She has very comprehensive experience regarding VAT, customs and excise duties. She has been working with these issues co…

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Ann Rask Vang

| Advokat – Attorney-at-law, Partner

Ann Rask Vang is a partner at Bachmann/Partners Law Firm. She works with business law, company law, taxation and dispute resolution.

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