Ann Rask Vang

| Lawyer, Ph.d., Associated partner

Ann Rask Vang is an associate partner at Bachmann/Partners Law Firm. She has been employed with Bachmann/Partners Law Firm since 2016.

Phone: +45 20 94 78 21



About Ann:

She works with business law, company law, taxation and dispute resolution. In her work she conducts negotiations with the Danish Tax Authorities and litigation before the Danish National Tax Tribunal and the Danish courts. Ann cooperates with many audit firms on resolving cases where legal and strategic competences are required to resolve a case for the audit client. Ann has also significant expertise in cases concerning tax fraud and criminal law. She has often acted as defense for clients that have been prosecuted for violation of the different tax acts and the Criminal Act.

Ann recently conducted litigation before the Danish Western High Court in a case concerning excises on the combustion of waste.

Ann also works with optimization of estate planning and succession of business entities.

Ann has experience working with customs and obtaining binding tariff information. She also works with VAT and other excises.

Ann Rask Vang has a Ph.D. from Aarhus University specialized in the Danish tonnage tax scheme.

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