The tax area is complex and often requires specialised knowledge. We therefore cooperate with both accountants and lawyers who do not necessarily have the necessary specialised knowledge when their clients either need expert assistance in disputes or need tailored tax advice. To maximise the value of our assistance, there must be a clear division of roles between us and the original accountant/lawyer. We always respect the original client relationship. The co-operation can have many facets. From short-term telephone sparring to the conduct of complaints and legal proceedings.

We typically support auditor/lawyer client relationships in the following areas:

  • Tax disputes before administrative appeal bodies and the courts
  •  Conducting surveys and estimates in tax and duty cases
  • Tax and duty counselling
  • Tax advice involving other jurisdictions and lawyers
  • Generational succession solutions for wealthy clients, including generational succession of property holdings
  • Dealing with large estates and optimising them for tax purposes
  • Fine and criminal cases, including transfer pricing cases
  • Compensation law, counsellor liability and cases concerning loss of wealth, where the focal point is taxes and duties
  • Education

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